Hot wax isn’t really my thing and especially not pain.

But being creative is, and as I say you have to be different and creative to stand out.

So this is the behind the scenes of how this image was created.


The start always has to have ideas and this image was the start of the process.

So when your doing something like this it doesn’t pay to copy but to develop your own style. Yes use images to base your ideas on, but don’t replicate the ( although that is also a good way to learn.).

I wanted to shoot my image more elegant. I wanted to incorporate warmth, softness, eroticism, religion and beauty.


Pre planning is always key , so the issues were,

  1. venue ( needed to be private)
  2. Candles , what type of candles as we wanted them to drip and all candles now are NON-DRIP!
  3. How to stick the candles to the skin ?
  4. health & safety.

Venue was sorted and the door could be locked. I knew this shoot was going to be all preparation. Its near on impossible to by candles that run and you need to order them on eBay from China. so that was given a miss. its amazing how many candle choices you have. The main two types and the normal house candle and the taper ( Long & thin )

A sticking point

I knew the big issue here was how to stick the candles to Sky and the time involved would be massive. So brain in gear I thought that the candle when melted need to key into somthing so i used sticking plaster, the fabric type that sticks like S%$£. With a little practice i got them to stick and lots of hot wax but as you can see in the next photo they were not very stable.

So you can see HERE that the candle won’t stand up, thats partly because the bottom of the candle is flat. In THIS image I’ve got the candles sitting more upright thats because i cut the bases on a diagonal to fit the shape of the curve of her body. Also I had to melt extra wax onto the sticking plaster and melt the base of the candle at the same time the hold the two two instantly together while they set. then the next problem was that Sky was getting cold! so I partly covered her up while I carried on.After about an hour Sky was very cold and I had to get to final shot knowing that if there were gaps i could easily fill them in with the clone tool in Photoshop. MKW_3124.NEF was the final raw image. I took a few extra natural light images of the candles to add extra warm light and hair highlights.

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